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Guidance Counselor


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We are looking for a dedicated and compassionate Guidance Counselor to join our educational institution. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in counseling, psychology, or a related field, and will be adept at providing support to students in various aspects of their academic and personal lives. As a Guidance Counselor, you will be responsible for helping students develop their academic and career plans, as well as providing emotional support and guidance. You will work closely with students, parents, teachers, and administrators to create a supportive and nurturing environment that promotes student success. Your role will involve assessing students' needs, developing individualized plans, and providing ongoing support and resources. You will also be responsible for conducting workshops and group sessions on topics such as study skills, career planning, and stress management. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as a deep understanding of the challenges and pressures that students face. You should be patient, empathetic, and able to build strong relationships with students and their families. A strong commitment to student success and well-being is essential. If you are passionate about helping students achieve their full potential and are looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career, we encourage you to apply.


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  • Provide individual and group counseling to students.
  • Assist students in developing academic and career plans.
  • Conduct assessments to identify students' needs and challenges.
  • Develop and implement individualized support plans for students.
  • Collaborate with teachers, parents, and administrators to support student success.
  • Conduct workshops and group sessions on various topics.
  • Provide crisis intervention and support as needed.
  • Maintain accurate and confidential records of student interactions.
  • Monitor and track student progress and adjust plans as needed.
  • Advocate for students' needs and well-being.
  • Provide resources and referrals to external support services.
  • Participate in professional development and training opportunities.
  • Stay current with best practices and trends in counseling and education.
  • Develop and implement programs to promote student well-being.
  • Assist with college and career planning and application processes.
  • Support students in developing social and emotional skills.
  • Provide guidance on academic and behavioral issues.
  • Facilitate communication between students, parents, and school staff.
  • Promote a positive and inclusive school environment.
  • Participate in school events and activities.


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  • Master's degree in counseling, psychology, or a related field.
  • State certification or licensure as a school counselor.
  • Experience working with students in an educational setting.
  • Strong understanding of child and adolescent development.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to build strong relationships with students and families.
  • Empathy, patience, and a non-judgmental attitude.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with teachers, parents, and administrators.
  • Knowledge of academic and career planning resources.
  • Experience with crisis intervention and support.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information.
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development.
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Ability to develop and implement effective support plans.
  • Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations.
  • Experience with group facilitation and workshop delivery.
  • Ability to advocate for students' needs and well-being.
  • Proficiency in using counseling and educational software.
  • Flexibility and adaptability in a dynamic school environment.

Potential interview questions

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  • Can you describe your experience working with students in an educational setting?
  • How do you approach developing individualized support plans for students?
  • Can you provide an example of a time when you successfully intervened in a student crisis?
  • How do you stay current with best practices and trends in counseling and education?
  • What strategies do you use to build strong relationships with students and their families?
  • How do you handle confidential and sensitive information?
  • Can you describe a time when you collaborated with teachers, parents, and administrators to support a student?
  • What is your approach to conducting workshops and group sessions?
  • How do you support students in developing their academic and career plans?
  • What role do you believe a guidance counselor plays in promoting a positive school environment?
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